Leadership Deficit

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Leadership Deficit

David Walker said our biggest deficit is our leadership deficit.

David Walker is nothing short of a visionary. His only humanistic quality is having a senior fellow who advocates the insanity of a weaker dollar.

Every think tank has one.

To digress for a second: When I served in the airlines we got weathered out, diverted and had to ground transport from Richmond to Charlottesville, Virginia. On a dark stormy night we ended up with a talkative van driver who had lost his vocal box to cancer and needed a device to be understood. He sounded like Vader. Getting by the Darth Vader bit was easy. The hard part was asking him to keep his eyes on the road. His mom must have drilled in the importance of eye contact when talking.

He drove by expression. We'd look out ahead and gasp and brace when we'd see our life ending as we drove 70 miles an hour under a semi, he'd turn around and swerve into another lane.

I rudely put an stop to it.

Today, as I read the news I relate Obama to Darth Driver. The guy is surrounded by ineptitude: Summers (lost a billion in swaps at Harvard, strapped a muzzle on Brooklsey Born), Geithner (singed a note promising that compensation was income and would pay taxes on it - then didn't, who knows what his involvement was at the FBNY with AIG, didn't see the housing bubble as evident by the home he is stuck with in NY), Bernake (don't think he understands anything about the depression, helped create the largest bubble ever, never realized the bubble and now denies involvement in it) Paulson (gone but a criminal), Romer (belongs back in school where she can damage only by warping young minds), Greenspan (gone but largely responsible for today's mess and muzzling Born) and Rahm (who has the right guiding principle but can't find a crisis or his rear end with both hands and the lights on.)

Now Obama is coming down on the banks? Come on! Doing it because of screams and expressions (Scott Brown getting seated) he is diverting from health care and spewing rhetoric towards the banks.

The guy has NO clue. We have gone from hiring idiots - the ones who created the mess by printing too much money - to fix it by doing the same thing they did to blow the economy up. To driving by expression.


Relying on the American people to know what is wrong after they have been lied to by Enron Bookkeeping will not work. 

Walker is 100% correct.

Do what we can to alleviate the pain and suffering - this thing is dentin to wind up under a semi. 

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Re: Leadership Deficit

Oh my god! That's a hysterical story about that driver albeit scary.

I wonder what Volker has been thinking watching all of this. Not that he's a saint but he has had more experience and success than the others.

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