Lawmaker says be a squatter

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Lawmaker says be a squatter
An Ohio congresswoman says foreclosed homeowners should stay put in their
homes as squatters. Drew Griffin reports.



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Re: Lawmaker says be a squatter

From the story above: 

Drew Griffin, CNN wrote:

Elected officials are saying Toledo is not in a recession; it is a depression.

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Re: Lawmaker says be a squatter

Two other lawmakers, Tommy Daschle and Timmy Geithner, have
demonstrated by their own actions that people should evade taxes if
they can get away with it. Fortunately, this is no bar to government

With no taxes and no house payments, folks will manage
okay if they can scrounge for food. If caught stealing corn or
watermelons, stand rigidly erect and pretend to be a scarecrow. You can
even squawk back to the circling birds,

Timmy! Tommy! CAW! CAW!

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