Land Lords of the World

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Land Lords of the World

I just finished reading an excellent book last weekend written by Joseph A. Gondek in 1997 and entitled, "Land Lords of the World: Justice and Prosperity vs. Injustice and Poverty".  He is a Roman Catholic priest with 60 years of study in economics, logic, philosophy, criteriology, and ontology who was 85 when the book was published.  I think of it now as a "TPTB for Dummies" but that's not meant to demean the book in any way, only to underscore the fact that the book was written to get the word out to the lay public.  Truthfully, the book could have been written last year ... it's entirely apropos to what is going on in the world now.  I just bought a second copy to loan out to friends and it may be out of print so I don't think it's widely available.  Don't let the one bad review on Amazon dissuade you ... the reviewer is an obvious ringer.  I'd strongly encourage interested parties to read this book.  A friend had told me about it after getting a copy on interlibrary loan which is the way I read most books to decide if I'll purchase them or not.  

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