Koch Brothers....funny

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Koch Brothers....funny

 I'm sure I'll catch some crap for this, but at least I thought it was funny.

If your a Koch Brothers fan....nothing to see here, just move along...

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Ha Ha...sort of


I'm not a Koch brothers fan, heck I'm not even sure who they are (I don't have TV assuming that's where they derive their notoriety) but I'll give you some crap anyways simply cause I didn't find it all that funny.

Nice try though.

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: (

  Sad to say they own the Gypsum  Mine right down the road .   Employs half the town . ..  has them  in their back pocket .  Do not think they are going away anytime soon   But  you know durn well if this mine is not making them money  they would be gone in a heart beat .


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