Just one more reason why we're heading into the crapper

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Just one more reason why we're heading into the crapper

Fraud, corruption, and waste isn't limited to the the 1%. 


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 Thanks AO, that video

 Thanks AO, that video should be seen by every taxpayer.  I need to dig around and find info on other types of fraud that we are impacted by such as health care fraud.  Billions of dollars are lost to health care fraud alone.  I'm guessing frivolous lawsuits figure into the cost of fraud that we pay as well.

Maybe the first step in austerity needs to be eliminating as much fraud as possible.

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Less gov't = less fraud

Tim, look at the common denominator: the government!  If government was a lot smaller, fraud would be a lot smaller.  Hmmmm.  Which Presidential candidate has promised to give us MUCH LESS government by starving it to death (promising to cut $1 trillion in his first year's budget, not $1.2 trillion over 12 years.)?  Yup, Ron Paul.  All the other candidates and the incumbent stand for various ways of making minor adjustments. One way or another we need a reset, a reboot.  We're way beyond making adjustments.  And whatever fraud's leftover on whatever level should be prosecuted. 

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