Jupiter"s Dance

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Jupiter"s Dance

i recently watched a documentary called jupiter"s dance. it focuses on the musician jupiter bokondji. it is a french film that is 104 minutes long

he lives in kinshasa which is the capitol city of the democratic republic of the congo. some things to note are it is a democracy and a republic in name. it is also well to note this is where joseph mobutu got his start. you  know zimbabwe where prices go up 50% an hour. the DRC is among the most mineral rich areas in the world. if you name a strategic mineral they have it in abundance  this is not a poor country though it is populated by a large number of incredibly poor people.

this is also a country which is being bought lock stock and barrel by the peoples republic of china. there's that word again "republic" i believe we are a republic as well .

for those looking for  a graphic portrayal of what we might look like in the not so distant future i highly recommend this video.

for those looking for joy in the future i highly recommend this video.

having lived in the third world and the developing world i was not surprised by anything i saw in the film as a matter of fact i felt like i was home. the only problem is i truly think this is what this home will look like .

the future if it looks like kinshasa will look like irregular electricity, lack of food and clean water, no trash pickup with consequent trash and disease problems, lack of medical care, people growing their own food just to survive, abandoned children, a sense of community, and of course the joy of music ,,,,,,,,,,,,music made with instruments made by hand with any materials at hand.

i hesitate to say it but "enjoy" it is a peek into our possible future


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