Judge signs order to protect Madoff investors

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Judge signs order to protect Madoff investors

Are the taxpayers going to bail them out too!!  You really can't make this stuff up. 



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Re: Judge signs order to protect Madoff investors

Other major investors also lost out in the scam, including... the chairman of GMAC Financial Services.

I see all kinds of irony in this....


I've lost money by entrusting the wrong people and I didn't get bailed out. Maybe I'm just not rich enough. Kind of ironic too.

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Everyone needs a bail-out

Yea, this was an unfortunate Ponzi scheme just like the recent Citigroup fiasco which was much greater in dollars.

The biggest Ponzi scheme ever is the one perpetrated by our government pretending that social security and entitlement programs would be paid somewhere, somehow, down the road.

Who will bail us out for this?

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