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Joule Unlimited

Has anyone here researched this company (Joule Unlimited)

If this is for real, it could be a game changer.  They look fairly new, so we will have to wait and see if production can scale and costs can be kept low as they are reporting.


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Re: Joule Unlimited

I noticed that the money man on the board, Ruben Vardania, is head of the largest Russian bank and of a major Eastern car company..  If this is for real, a technology like this may be developed in the USA,  but it looks like the money behind it is coming from elsewhere.  This emphasizes to me what an old school mind set Americans and their money have.   It may also determine where it is first deployed.

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Re: Joule Unlimited

Yes, I've scanned through both patents that have been granted. Like all patents they are generally written so as to be able to apply the procedure to anything they can imagine. From the actual genetic engineering they report as examples, it looks as if their initial goal is to produce hydrocarbons from cyanobacteria, which are primitive photosynthetic bacteria.

The website is mostly promotional but they refer to the production of diesel fuel which is composed of C10 to C16 n-alkanes. These hydrocarbons are naturally produced by a least some cyanobacteria under certain conditions.

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Re: Joule Unlimited

This technology is being compared to corn ethenal as more then twice as efficient.  But with corn you can just plant it in an open field.  Yes with corn you have to fuel your trackers and spread furtilizer, but with this solution you need to build glass solar collectors, pipes, pumps, and separaters.  How does that factor into the energy input and costs?

Here is an article link:

I'd be curious for this company to answer some hard questions.  How are they coming up with the target price of $30/barrel equivelant?

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Re: Joule Unlimited

See the forum thread below for an article on this company and comments from Chris.


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costs of corn vs. Joule's process

Actually at the end of the day, you have to look at the continuing costs and inflationary costs.

With food demand and fuel demands continuing to rise, fuels that require a feedstock/foodstock is a losing proposition.

Corn since the real adoption of ethanol production and use, sometime around 2005-2006 has risen from roughly $110.00 a metric ton to around $665.00 a metric ton as of the last close....and is still rising.  That's in approximately six years.

At the same time, the demand for food is an ever increasing factor in much the world.  Food shortages ad the related demand have driven up costs all around the world.  This has been as big a factor joblessness in the middle east turmoil.  

When you look at the end cost benefit, nothing that I can find yet shows me that the Joule process would be bad for the environment as well.

Don't have time right now to go on...but I've been watching this company for over a year now...what amazes me is the lack of mention and notice from the administration on this direction in the alternative fuels race.  

If this is truly as good as it looks, the US would be well served to to create the next Manhattan project around this technology.

Municipalities could produce and supply their own fuel needs and the initial investments in building these sites could be recouped quickly in the savings costs.   

The plant in Leander is real...and they plan more.


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  Travlin wrote: See the


Travlin wrote:

See the forum thread below for an article on this company and comments from Chris.



This article is only for members.  Us peasants don't get to hear all of Chris's wisdom. :-)



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