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Join the Econ Revolution
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Re: Join the Econ Revolution

Damnthematrix said:

Mass miseducation - Every year these “mainstream” books serve to indoctrinate millions of students in a quaint ideology (perfect rationality of economic agents, market efficiency, the invisible hand, etc.) cunningly disguised as science.  This mass miseducation deprives society of the moral and intellectual capacities it needs in order to design and maintain the support systems required by market economies.

Mike, you are absolutely right in you well worded concern.  In the 19th century, monetary policy was openly discussed by a knowledgeable citizenry and it was recognized as being an important key to freedom and prosperity. 

The late Murray Roth bard wrote: "Money and banking, have been made to appear as mysterious and arcane processes that must be guided and operated by a technocratic elite.  They are nothing of the sort.  In money, even more than the rest of our affairs, we have been tricked by a malignant Wizard of Oz."

Monetary ignorance has been institutionalized as education gave way to propaganda and social engineering.  In 1953 the US congress  commissioned the Reece Committee to investigate the actions of tax-exempt foundations.  The researchers discovered that our educational system had become a propaganda machine - if anyone is interested in discovering how and why this was accomplished, the Reece committee is a great starting place.

Norman Dodd, an investigator for the congressional committee was interviewed by G. Edward Griffin.  Griffin starts the interview by stating that "this man will tell you that the real objective has been to influence American educational institutions and to control foreign policy agencies of the Federal government." 

Dodd:  100% behind meeting the cost of education, such as it is presented through the schools and colleges of this United States, on the subject of our history -– to prove that our original ideas are no longer practical.  The future belongs to collectivistic concepts.  There is just no disagreement on this.


Griffin:  Why do the foundations generously support communist causes in the United States?


Dodd:  Well, because, to them, communism represents a means of developing what we call a monopoly -- as the organization, we'll say, of large-scale industry into an administrable unit.


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