Jim Rogers on Glenn Beck

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Jim Rogers on Glenn Beck

once again glenn beck has had a great guest. this time none other than jimmy rogers.

there were quite a few technical problems and it looked like it wasnt going to happen because jim is in singapore and the connection kept dropping. but they got it together and rogers was classic rogers.

i really had to laugh when glenn asked him about obama recommending buying stocks and rogers says if you follow the governments advice on what to do with your money you will be bankrupt in 2 years.

rogers sees a real possibility of social unrest in a year or two here. he is going to look for a little rally in the market to dump what he has and get into commodities and foriegn currency.

i am sorry i am not savvy enough to post the link for the show but if you go to the archive of the beck radio show you can listen to it.

i highly recommend the radio show as he is the only one even in the ballpark in the media

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Re: Jim Rogers on Glenn Beck

the fact that we haven't really had any unrest in the US yet makes me even more apprehensive. I feel like the pent up frustrations and anger could get really bad really fast when it starts. there is no conceivable way the US will avoid it altogether.

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Re: Jim Rogers on Glenn Beck

Hello Joe2Baba: Too funny, I'll have to dig for that, sounds like a good listen. Even if we don't listen they we may be broke in 2 years, I read for every buck coming into the house .68 will go back out to the government. 

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