Jim Rickards on Gold, S&P Downgrade

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Jim Rickards on Gold, S&P Downgrade

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Rickards on Gold


Great dig JO. I always enjoy Rickards. Lucky for the talking heads that they ran out of time, cuz otherwise he would have authoritatively answered their anti-gold talking points, making them look foolish. I've seen him do it. Heck, the one on limited gold supply limiting economic growth I think I could have answered and I've only got an IQ two points above a crash test dummy.

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We can do that?

Good video, I saw it yesterday on Dollarcollapse. 

- I had no idea that we store European gold.....we could confiscate it and give them a receipt Incredible. I looked up information on the percentages Rickards throws out, he was right (commodityonline.com).


Good Stuff!

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