Japan, Hirohisa Fujii and the DPJ

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Japan, Hirohisa Fujii and the DPJ

This morning I was doing some light-reading and came across the Economist's recently-to-print article on the DPJ's recent financial minister goings-on. The two first lines of the article were especially entertaining, and I actually chuckled in the internet cafe where I was sitting:


"WHEN Japan’s 77-year-old finance minister submitted his resignation on Tuesday January 5th, the reason given was poor health. The week before he had been admitted to hospital complaining of exhaustion and high blood pressure after drafting the 2010 budget."

I'm sure that attempting to deal with the 2010 budget shaved a few years off of his life and added more than a few gray hairs!


I won't get any further into the situation, here, because at the moment I'm content with merely knowing Japan is on the precipice of outright insolvency.

If anyone has any thoughts, comments or analyses, though -- let's hear 'em.

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Re: Japan, Hirohisa Fujii and the DPJ

LOL, that sentence is so funny... :) thanks

I live in Japan myself. My gut feeling is that, given the level of ignorance of the populace, anything that will happen here might well be an order of magnitude larger than whatever might happen in any other country


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