It’s Time for a New Monetary System

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It’s Time for a New Monetary System

the federal bailouts of the financial system and the recession, the
debt load has increased by $4 trillion in the last six months. 
What are we going to do with even more debt coming? 


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Re: It’s Time for a New Monetary System

Good Idea.  I am partial to Chuck E Cheese tokens and not just because I am heavily invested in them.

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Re: It’s Time for a New Monetary System

Poker chips seem appropriate to me.  And they come in pretty colors Wink

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Re: It’s Time for a New Monetary System

Of course, we can take some comfort from the assurances that, when the recovery begins, the Fed will aggressively suck all the excess liquidity out of the system. And then we can live happily ever after since the inflation genie will be pressed back into the bottle and the cork firmly inserted.

At the risk of sounding a bit cynical, I figure the odds of the Fed being disciplined enough to do that are -- not putting too fine a point on this -- roughly zero.

So, um, we're screwed. Gold, anyone?

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Re: It’s Time for a New Monetary System

What I see happening is that the Government is going to print their way out of this problem.  They are going to print so much money that all their problems go away, and that all the debts disappear.  After this happens it will have the effect of hitting a giant reset button and a new currency will be born.  As long as you have assets that hold their value (gold, silver, land) you shouldn't have a problem because they will always be worth something, on the other-hand holding a large some of dollars will be bad because they always lose value.  The British Pound has failed before, yet it is still here in a new form, and a new dollar will soon be here as well. 

Another interesting thing that I have read is that the Fed might devalue the dollar against gold, like during the depression when Roosevelt devalued the dollar to $35 for an ounce of gold.  However this time the Fed might devalue to dollar to $6000 (or more)  to an ounce of gold.  One key thing to remember is that the Federal Reserve is one of the worlds largest holders of gold, and it would be an easy way to balance their balance sheets.   

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Re: It’s Time for a New Monetary System

Not sure got it...

Does it relates to Social Credit as advocated by C. H. Douglas ?

The main idea is: every citizen receive the very same amount of money issued by Govt. Neither the Fed nor the banks can create money.

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Re: It’s Time for a New Monetary System

The article brings up a very important fact - we don't need the parasitic central bankers.

It is absolutely bizarre that people are not smart enough to figure out that a nation may issue it's own currency - free of debt and interest that comes with the central banking scheme.

We do not have a financial crisis - we have a crisis of people who no longer are able to think on their own.


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Re: It’s Time for a New Monetary System
Bring Back the GreenBack. 

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