Iranian assassination plot

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Iranian assassination plot

Surprised the news of an Iranian plot to assasinate the Saudi ambassador on US soil hasn't hit these pages.

The storyline does however seem farfetched and looks like it might well be another sting operation so I tend to lean with the false flag interpretation which seems prevalent, at least at the sites I visit.

This news would be of little interest were it not for the possibility that we are being prepared for war with Iran, which would not be good.

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I see this is in General Discussion. I guess its not news.

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 How long have we been at

 How long have we been at war with someone or other?

Please America, don't drag us (UK) into another one.

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re: how long have we been at war

 Hear! Hear!

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the deal to releas gilad shalit is directli conected

Im a new member at this forum and im asking in advence for your forgivnec as my english is pur. but i think that its qiet raiht to think that an atackt on irun is on the table. israel p.m netaniahu released more than 1000 prisoners a deal he was against in the past is becues he knows that the pictures of the israely solder being put to death by hamas after an atackt on irun will cause demorallisation in the israleli publick. 

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I actually agree somewhat

I actually agree somewhat with shlomi.

I think Obama is distancing himself from Israel for plausible deniability when we use them to do the heavy lifting with the fight with Iran.

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Re: Steve W and Iran Terror Plot

No reason to be surprised. Most topics that involve or can invite serious conspiracy conjecture get flagged or moved to the "Controversial Topics" forum. We call it "The Basement".

This is really purely a prep message board with some investment insights. The taboo anti-establishment topics are heavily moderated or frowned upon.

Click "all forums" and scroll all the way to the bottom. Only registered users, not regular guest lurkers, can even see this forum. You'll find more info and analysis on the BS Iran Terror Plot there. Thanks.


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