Iowa State Auditor Agrees...USA Bankruptcy Certain

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Iowa State Auditor Agrees...USA Bankruptcy Certain

Had recently, an extended, one-on-one conversation with David Vaudt, Iowa State Auditor.  He has been in the forefront pushing for a return to fiscal sanity in our state.

Here's the take home message from our productive, enjoyable conversation...we went through the data...besides being relieved to see someone who "gets it", he completely agreed our situation in multiple levels and areas is unsustainable and stated...

  • He see no other option...from his analysis...the USA will go bankrupt and probably sooner versus than later.
  • That said...their are an increasing number in government who are arriving at this conclusion in various levels and ways both in the state and nationally.   Problem...there are not yet enough!
  • He is making significant in-roads in the state of Iowa media...which is helping to turn the tide in this past fiscally responsible state.
  • Our spending has gone up 15% per year since 2006 and our elected officials have used accounting gimmicks to mask the problem of rising debt which has never happened here before in this state.
  • He is getting lots of attention and applause...resulting in increased meetings toward a road map of sustainability.

I'm providing this as an addendum to article from Quad City Times about our increasing worse state budget situation, which is still better than 80 percent plus of the other states.

Here's what is interesting here in Iowa...

  • Iowa, long time Republican State...has always been nationally, a middle of the road state between both parties.  It has voted within 1 point of the USA Presidential Vote percentage for the past 5 elections (20 years).
  • The Democratic Party took control of both legislatures and the governors office in 2006.
  • The numbers here increasingly show the Democratic Party will face huge (unprecedented) loses in 2010...losing all 3 branches of power.
  • The poll approval numbers here and from past history indicate without an economic miracle recovery, the Democratic Party will be decimated in 2010. 
  • Obama's poll numbers here are now below 50 percent...the state that launched his path to the Presidency.

The challenge: getting enough folks to become more aware of our biggest problem..."massive debt we can't grow our way out of" as David Vaudt stated.

Recall Iowa is first in the nation for 2012...beginning to hope we may see some interesting dialogs on this front in our state within the next year as the political folks begin to arrive in droves (again).   FWIW.  Ron  Paul's star is rising and becoming stronger here than most might think at a healthy grass roots level.

The State Auditor in Iowa approval rating is at record high levels.   His record and approval rating has by far the greatest weight now than any other state elected official.

If we can struggle to actually a bit least for Iowa.

Here's 2 questions would be insightful to hear from others on...

  1. Is similar progress happening in other states w/r/t fiscal awareness: both public and elected officials, on this reality (Impacts in 2010 elections?).
  2. Would be interesting to see if this developing situation and growing and strengthening tide of "real change" is starting to be reflected in other states.


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Re: Iowa State Auditor Agrees...USA Bankruptcy Certain

Iowa's plight illustrates the tragedy of allowing the U.S. fedgov to seize control of the lion's share of tax revenue with its income tax.

In the pre-1913 U.S. republic, sensible states like Iowa didn't need to concern themselves with dysfunctional, fruitcake regimes like Kalifornicate and Nueva York.

But with all fifty states reduced to mere appendages of a megalomaniacal fedgov governed by invertebrate clowns, it's actually a disadvantage to be fiscally responsible. The prudent folks end up subsidizing the spendthrifts.

Wonder whether Paul Simon's 'Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover' was a subtle reference to secession by the fifty oppressed states?

You just slip out the back, Jack
Make a new plan, Stan
You don't need to be coy, Roy
Just get yourself free
Hop on the bus, Gus
You don't need to discuss much
Just drop off the key, Lee
And get yo'self free

SEE YA, SAMMY! [We never liked you in the first place.]

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Re: Iowa State Auditor Agrees...USA Bankruptcy Certain

Wonder whether Paul Simon's 'Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover' was a subtle reference to secession by the fifty oppressed states?

LOL. Brand Obama is imploding like a neutron star. The reality of a hollowed-out U.S. economy by the globalists is too severe to hide anymore. Look for revolutionary changes in the next few years.

Does Arizona get it?


Arizona lawmakers and Govornor Jan Brewer recently reduced the state's budget shortfall, but legislative budget analysts say that the debt could grow again.

During the November special session, lawmakers reduced the projected shortfall from 2 billion to 1.6 billion dollars. However, analysts say it may increase since October was the 15th straight month that general fund tax collections dropped by double-digits compared with the previous year.

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