Internet filtering our life. TED vid. Very good.

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Internet filtering our life. TED vid. Very good.

I miss true boolean searches. I've thought this was happening. 

Any ideas on how to fix it are welcomed.

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Hear! Hear!

Almost makes me long for the days of usenet, telenet, & mosaic. I'm pretty sure I can spot software "upgrades" at netflix. Out of the blue I'll get recommendations that make no sense & have to start the "not interested" clicks for about a week. Think I liked it better when you had to work the internet as opposed to having the internet do the work for you.

Thanks for the post

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...a mixed blessing....

On the one hand, I want to see all points of view... and on the other I love how
I can use very few words in a search and I get what I (think) i want....

It would be nice to have an "alter-ego" switch to give me the opposite of what
the search thinks I want....

AND even right here on CM, there is a filter...

the forum for "Controversial Topics"  that is well hidden and can
only be found if you know the secret handshake.   Some people
will miss the gems that come from discussing those forbidden topics.

I bet that a few of you reading this will now visit that forum....because
of the "Banned in Boston" effect.   ENJOY!

-Bob O

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The phenomona is called egocasting.

And people now do it to themselves all of the time.  It is possible through careful selection of your radio (pandora) and internet forums and news sources to never have to hear from anyone with whom you disagree.

Most CMers try to keep their view points open and we try to surf broadly, but the majority of people do not make the attempt.  There are two downsides to this which have dire consequences:  1.) people become entrneched in their view points never questioning what they think they believe.  2.) They end up thining that "everyone" else agrees with them and that those who disagree are cranks and few in number. 

These problems create an us/them scenario which can be devastating for a society under intense pressure.  KNowing that it is being done in a hidden manner wihtout our permission is much much worse and explains why when I would tell people to google something they would not find the articles I found.  Do we want to live in the world as created by Mark Zuckerberg?

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Filtering? try bombing with ads

A few weeks ago I stopped in a website and looked through some of their products. It wasn't a big price item but from that point on - I saw the ad for the product 3 or 4 times a day! No kidding - it was like this product was stalking me.  I made it apoint NOT to buy THAT product - or from that website.

sign me- not playing that game. . . EGP

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... even wierd stuff stalks me...

Hi EndGamePlayer...  My story...

...using gmail, a friend of mine replied to me that she was "...farting around..." and the google

ad on my gmail page was for "Can-O-Farts"....for real....
Needless to say I did NOT buy the product Yell

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Email and adds

One of the things that is not that good for business is that when you send someone an offer of your product the recipient of that message will be seeing lots of advertisements around their mail for alternatives/competitors. As a consumer this is great for a business it is less welcome. Now our emails not contain any of the important words, we even filter out their original email to accomplish this. The brochure/offer is made available for that prospect on a private link on our website.


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