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Information Please

I am new to this site, recommended by my daughter who has been a frequent visitor.  I am looking for a more positive approach to the politcal situations.  I have tried e-mails, phone calls and correspondence.  I do not feel that tea parties, t-shirts and bumper stickers are going to do "it".  I am frustrated and angry -- I want impeachment.  Where do I go to find like minded individuals (not interested in gun toting "bubba").  Please just point me in the right direction.  thank you.

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Re: Information Please

I think it would be helpful to get a more fully rounded look at your point of view. For example, you say you seek a "more positive approach to the politcal situations," and then go on to say you "want impeachment."

Why? What is it you want to change? What do you want to make happen? What is your vision for a better world?

I certainly understand your frustration and anger, but unless I have a clearer idea of what is causing it I can't help you, and I think it would be difficult for others, as well.


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Re: Information Please

Have you viewed the Crash Course? Depending on how much you already know it may make you more frustrated with our situation. However Ch 20 gives some good advice as to how to proceed in your life to handle the cards we have been dealt.

I think most people on this site are pretty upset with where we are, but are dealing with it by sharing knowledge, and making more  informed decisons.

This site is apoltical, since our problems have no party affiliation (or conversely are affiliated with all parties).  As to impeachment, what do you think would replace our current administration? There seems to be very few in either political party that seem to really have the citizen's best interests at heart.


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Re: Information Please


First off, welcome to the site.  You are not alone in wanting more a positive option in politics - my guess is that those people at the tea parties are in the same boat, they just got there earlier.  The whole movement for real change (not what Mr. Obama promised) is going to take some time to get going, and needs to be broadly based.  Helping the tea parties and other movements come together, rather than fight each other, will be key, in my view.

As much as I would like to see a "traditional" politically-based change by voting the bums out type of change, I think that we are past that being a possibility at this moment.  The die seems to be cast, unless we can put truely enormous pressure on our elected representatives, such as that shown in the '60s civil rights movement.  It will take a groundswell that involves most of the nation to effect political change, and even at that it will be two years if it is to be an election-based change.

As for pointing you to like-minded individuals,  we need to know where you are at to help you with that.  We know that you are not a "gun toting bubba", but not much more than that.

Again, welcome to the site.

All the best,

Reuben Bailey


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