The information age and the end of the USA

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The information age and the end of the USA

You are losing your rights.
I know you probably don’t believe it; you’ve heard it all before, and yet everything has turned out okay, hasn’t it? Sure! If “okay” means a failing currency, hyperinflation, a systematic destruction of the middle class, and the end of the United States’ role as the world’s preeminent financial power — and, indeed, its role as a sovereign nation. Yep. Things are just great.
In reality, of course, things are awful — and they’re only getting worse.
The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights were written — not for those in power, but for those not in power. These are social contracts designed to limit the amount of influence wielded by any human being, or group of human beings. These contracts were created to specifically to prevent the use of complex rhetoric and emotional appeals as masks for depriving people of their liberty. Unfortunately, the documents have failed.

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Re: The information age and the end of the USA

Sad but true!  Thx for the article

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Re: The information age and the end of the USA

I’m sorry, I am old enough to remember destitute elderly ‘eating cat food’ to survive, endemic goiter, malnutrition, ‘retards’ and the senile sometimes abused and certainly marginalized in society, children with pellagra ( a debilitating vitamin deficiency) and hookworms ( a cause of severe anemia).

 The article decries the initiation of:

1. Social Security?

6. Medicare?

7. Medicaid?

 With our capitalist philosophy, and the pursuit of money and career over valuation of traditional village and family structure, just who will care for the vulnerable and destitute among us without a societal safety net? Extended families used to do so; that is ancient history now.

 If we want to be the type of society where we leave our unconnected, poor and vulnerable to their sad fates so be it.  But to me, in this frenetic 21st century with so much trivial and excessive material consumption, that seems less than human.

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