Incoming Wires

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Incoming Wires

It turns out the USA is now tracking ALL wires coming into the country tracing them back to see if the receiver has an offshore account. Good luck on getting a federal judge to uphold your illegal search and seizure rights. They are so desperate for money; they will do anything anymore.

This is from Martin Armstrong's site:

I had not heard about this before.  Does anyone know if this procedure is new?

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No surprise there

I'm not at all surprised.  I'm sure they track the outgoing wires too.  Reports are sent to a federal agency for large sums of cash deposited or withdrawn.  Money orders and cashier's checks are all recorded by the place issuing them.  I'm not aware of them being reported, but the record is there to find out where the money went.

Hey, they've got to stop those drug dealers and terrorist, right? 


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only the beginning

I don't know how new this is.  Since the implementation of Echelon and subsequent related surveillance programs, my assumption is that anything that can be tracked, will be tracked.  There's been a steady push for black box tracking of vehicles as well.  They will be able to trace any place you drive and how you drive.  They can already trace you anyplace with your phone.  Your every action will be known.  And they're working feverishly on functional MRIs as well correlating scan appearances with thought patterns.  The day is not far off when they will sit you down and interrogate you and read your mind.  This is not science fiction.  It's coming, God help us.  Personal chipping will be the final step.

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