Social Secuity Administration Cost-of-Living Adjustment

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Social Secuity Administration Cost-of-Living Adjustment

I just received "Important Social Security Information" from the SSA.  Did you know that "your social security benefits are protected against inflation"?  Wow!   Imagine my relief!!!!  But wait, there's more!  "By law, they increase when there is a rise in the cost of living." 

I'm not only protected - I'm protected "by law"!   Oh, man, I'm sellin' my PMs tomorrow!  My friends say I'm nuts, but when I show them my $600,000,000,000 check from Uncle Sam we'll just see who has the last laugh!  Of course, I didn't get any increase in benefits this year because "the CPI has not risen since...2008."  And my wife's always talking about how prices at Trader Joes have increased dramatically;  I know, it's all in her head!!!  (I don't recommend you put it that way to others though - trust me, there's a downside to that approach.  But just drop a few U.S. government statistics into casual conversation and watch how fast the nut cases shut up!)  Oh, and talk about security - my notice came with a black pattern printed on the outside to stop those losers (face it, we all know a few) who like to snatch government notices from neighbor's mail boxes and hold them up to a strong light to read what's inside.  I thought that was a nice touch.

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Do you find it strange as well that the Government's official Consumer Price Index for inflation does NOT include anything that people MUST have? Things like Energy, Food and Clothing are not counted in the inflation calculations.

I find it stranger still that the poor folks who are legitimately dependant on this (SSA) as a means of support are convinced that it is something other than the benevolent Government destroying their purchasing power by cheating on the CPI numbers that would keep their purchasing power stable. It is the greedy business owners that do not give the government enough of their money, and not the government cheating it's citizens to save more for themselves. Or is it?

Thanks for the post, and the satire!


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