I'm using OS X and it works

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I'm using OS X and it works

I'm using OS X and it works fine. Great presentation, Mr. Martenson!

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Lonewolf, Chris is one
Lonewolf, Chris is one individual who has poured a great deal of his own money and energy and soul into this site and has provided the vast majority of the content, including the entire Crash Course for free. Now that his traffic is increasing exponentially (I love that word!) he is again spending his own money to speed things up so that everyone, including even ungrateful people like you can learn what he has to say. Come back in a little while.
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RE: Can NOT load/watch this
I had no problem watching it with a Mac.
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1. Can NOT load/watch this
1. Can NOT load/watch this video (Chapter 19 only) - from Mac OS-X (with current Flash module installed and functional). NADDA. 2. TMK, (in addition) your site is hosted by one of the slowest responding servers ever encountered - if not on the entire freaking planet. If you DO want to spread your message widely, spend the extra dime for first-class hostage.
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I'm using free software and it works
I'm using free software (Ubuntu Linux) and it works great. Thanks, Chris!

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