I'm hoping you're going to

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I'm hoping you're going to

I'm hoping you're going to make the case for continuing inflation. According to Shadowstats the M3 has been falling for the past several months. Further, I have yet to see a reversal in the tighter lending standards of the banks in lieu of FED rate cuts. Loan defaults are on the rise as well. Decreasing loan numbers and increasing defaults amounts to money destruction. This all points to deflation and a bursting of the dollar bubble. You allude to gold as a safe harbor yet your information points to a coming deflation in which gold will also lose value.
If you believe that government spending will offset the loss in money creation on the public side - I'd like to know how. Currently, this is clearly not the case so what will change in the future to make it so?

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I think the point regarding
I think the point regarding continued inflation in the Crash Course is very clear. Chris spoke about the Gold standard and what has happened since that time. I am with you on Gold, it goes up and down as well. We have to really know what is going on with economics to invest successfully. Right now we are entering a point a much higher inflation. The chart below shows how much banks have borrowed from the Fed at levels never seen before in history. This means more money will have to be printed, and more inflation. http://stock-market-direction.blogspot.com/2008/09/broken-financial-system.html

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