IBM's 5 Predictions for 2015

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IBM's 5 Predictions for 2015

Hey all, thought you would like these predictions.  enjoy.!

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Re: IBM's 5 Predictions for 2015

What a load of horsesh*t.

How about that phony casual voice they used?

Most of the things mentioned are totally unecessary, holograms, sensor for 'citizen scientist'(creepy), 3D interfaces. Wow and batteries will become more efficient?!  Amazing.

You know we used to have all the things they talked about like knowing when the first thaw was, how to heat and cool a house without using an excessive amount of energy. It was called living within your means and adjusting to your surrondings.

So now IBM will grace us with the best way to avoid traffic congestion? How about a rail system? That was also figured out a hundred years ago.


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