I Leave with More...and Less

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I Leave with More...and Less

 Mike, Damnthematrix, Cat, Dogs, Mainecooncat, Aaron, Don, et al et al...

It's off to language bootcamp for me; thus, no internet for about 3 weeks (maybe, much, much longer... )

"Laden with baggage I wandered in,
a house unknown, but welcoming.
And after some time, the road called again
Hence, I, empty handed, complied..."

하시는 일 모두 잘되시기를 바랍니다

(You'll have to ask a Korean if curious, as Google doesn't translate it correctly.)



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Re: I Leave with More...and Less

Gosh Lee,

I was about to email you with a million question... suppose I will have to wait...  Stay safe!



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Re: I Leave with More...and Less

Good Luck, Lee - we will miss your insightful commentary!

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