I just wanted to say THANKS to Chris Martenson as well as many of the forum members here...

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I just wanted to say THANKS to Chris Martenson as well as many of the forum members here...

It's not everyday that someone gets a simple thank you.  Mostly we hear critisism and negative comments because they are easy to focus on. 

I just wanted to give a quick thanks to Chris Martenson as well as many of the forum members here who have contributed so much.  Before being introduced to the Crash Course, I found economics a dry and boring topic.  It was a subject that I had trouble fully grasping mostly because I wasn't that interested in it.  Because of the Crash Course, and many of the forum members here, I feel I now have a much better understanding of economics as well as a few other interrelated fields of study. 

What a difference a few years makes right?  I find it incredible how information, presented in the right way can change your life.  The more we understand about interrelated subjects, the better we can grasp the bigger picture of what problems face us.  Learning is an activity that takes persistence because you don't always get the iinformation you need right away.  I feel I've learned more pertinant information in the last few years than I have in a decade of study at various Universities and schools and a large portion of that is due directly to Chris and the people of this website.  I've done my best to pass the information I've learned here to my military, civilian, and political friends.  It's a great feeling to see that look in their eye that they understand what you are talking about as the gears in their heads slowly start turning... 

So again, thank you Chris Martenson and thanks to all of you that have spent so much of your personal time into posting quality, informed responses on this website.

-Tommy Holly

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This site rocks!

This whole website and the community of brilliant, learning minds that meet here simply rock my world.  I know we all already appreciate each other but I just gotta say it out loud once in awhile.  Thanks for the research, the sharing of well-considered opinions, the civility, generosity, wisdom, humour and the dedication to these fascinating but really rather difficult topics.  Let's keep growing up together.


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Let's hear it for Chris....

Yes Tommy, I too had little understanding (or interest) in economics until I did the CC.... then EVERYTHING gelled!  CM is a master communicator, and he has had a huge impact on my life and the way I consider everything now... and I agree he deserves all the recognition we can give him.


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