I had to annihilate some bubbleheads on google finance message boards

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I had to annihilate some bubbleheads on google finance message boards


Post heading: consumer confidence

Can someone explain how consumer confidence can be up so significantly
in April, when global growth is shrinking and 1 in 5 [actual] are
currently unemployed in US.... with worse to come over 2009 and 2010.
Who comes up with these numbers?

Jabberwocky wrote:

Loook at Casino stocks going up every day. Can you imagine anything
stupider or more wasteful than gambling in Las Vegas? I was out at the
Wynn hotel visiting a friend this weekend and it was jammin'. Met a
cute hooker in the elevator too. Yippee.

Things are going to get better. It doesn't matter how. Obama has a
strong propaganda ability. Love it or hate it - it works.


ba01 wrote:

Most people still have jobs..and will continue to still have jobs as long as they are valuable to their employers. Again...no...you are not an economics expert, nor the wacko sites you get your facts from. You make yourself look like a fool. Did you know that more than a third of people who got laid off in the last 6 months have already found a new job? Did you know that 95% of people that had jobs last year still have jobs this year?

The bear writes:

Oh cmon ba01 now you sound like a analyst on CNBC. People who lost
their jobs 6 months ago already have new jobs? Really? How about
continuing jobless claims being over 6 million? Or how about all those
who were self employed who are no longer employed because they had to
shut their doors. Or what about the millions that used to have good
jobs that are now working lame part time jobs getting paid pennies. Or
have you not looked at the number of prime loan defaults which are
skyrocketing as we speak. 450K in Dec, 730K in January and we dont
even have the data for March/April. Commercial real estate is just
starting to crash and yet the mainstream bubbleheads wont even
acknowledge this elephant in the room. Hank Paulson said in Spring 08
that the American banking system was the strongest he had ever seen in
it his lifetime and look what happened while our wacko websites were
telling traders to short the financials. You keep listening to Kudlow
and Cramer and you will be even more broke while I short your pathetic
little stocks and rightfully take your money.

Jabberwocky: things are going to get better because they are? Thats
circular reasoning at its worse. Thats how a 5 year old talks. Why is
the sky blue my dear? Child: Because its blue!! Actually Jabber people
are spending their money when instead they should be saving/investing
their money for productive purposes. The day is coming (much sooner
then you all know) when the foreigners will stop financing our
lifestyles and will allow their purchasing power to rise while ours
falls. We will be much poorer as a nation as a result of the
administrations reckless policies and actions. Did you know that the
treasury department will have to issue 360 billion worth of debt in
the next 90 days, while the initial estimate was only 190 billion??
Wow, this just after tax season. Corp tax revenues collapsing 57% year
over year while government spends in record amounts. USDX will fall
below 70 and thats when the real pain will start.

For those who have a soul and a sound mind invest your money wisely
because the dollar debasement will be severe and painful.


The bear

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Re: I had to annihilate some bubbleheads on google finance ...

Bubbleheads? I assume you don't know the slang meaning of the word in america :)



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