I gave copies of the CC book to my town council.

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I gave copies of the CC book to my town council.

My speech notes:


Council members, Mayor.   Thank you for allowing me to speak this evening.


Gas is up

Food is up

The Federal government is cutting funding

The state of North Carolina is cutting funding

Buncombe County is cutting funding

The Town is losing tax base at an increasing rate.


None of this points to anything that looks like growth.

All any of us has ever known is a life of growth.

Next year is always better than this year………….. Isn’t it?


In the past, the Town Council was tasked with mapping the future of Weaverville

            And it was relatively easy compared to now.

In the past, the Town Council could look to Past Performance Data

            And extrapolate what the future would look like


And it worked well………….at least until 2008

            When the growth model of the last 20 years ended

                        And this new paradigm of NO GROWTH began


You are NOW tasked with Mapping a Future into uncharted territory

            Where the Data of the Past will no longer work.



As humans, we form our view of the future through the filters of the past.

            Yesterday I did this……………and this happened

                        Therefore……when I do this tomorrow………the result will be this.


But what if tomorrow is not like yesterday?

            And neither is next week?

                        Or next year?


How do you plan for an uncertain and uncharted future?


This is why I’m here tonight. I want to help.

            I think I can help

by giving these copies of Dr. Chris Martenson’s book The Crash Course

            to the Town for the Administration’s use.


I believe it will give you……..as it has me

New insight on how to view the future of our Economy,

            Our Energy and our Environment

A prescient perspective that will give you the power

to map Weaverville’s future in these uncharted times.



The spirit and intent of the Crash Course are to help you see

The options and opportunities in this story of change


I challenge you to READ IT.


If you are not of a mind to

then I suggest you each have your most trusted advisor read it in your stead


I truly believe the information contained within these pages can help our Town


Thank you again 



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Tycer -

Thank you for trusting our message enough to use the book as a vehicle for the point you were making. How were your words received?

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Good job Tycer

Now you can run for city council.

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Adam and Johnny

They were very well received. One councilman gave me his card and asked met to contact him. Total, two members and the police chief were obviously interested and approached me after the public portion of the meeting. I could not tell the level of interest on the others or even if they took copies as they moved to a closed meeting. 

I think the opening lines took them by surprise as funding and tax base are held pretty tightly to the vest. I have no direct knowledge of the levels of shortfall they are having, but we all here at CM.com know how screwed cities and towns are in those areas.


JohnnyO, That is Thatchmo's job. 

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Bravo, Tycer!


A simple, elegant and compelling presentation. Awesome!

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Well done Tycer

 I really like the simple, direct and non-emotional approach you used there....without blame or anger it is so much easier for people to hear one's message.

Keep us updated on any and all progress or results.

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Don't go startin' anything

Don't go startin' anything there Tycer.  I will not condone a write-in campaign!  I already have, after all, a legitimate job that adds value to the community.  Excellent action with your town council- I have a couple copies of the CC sitting on my desk, I think I know where they are going now.  Thanks.  Aloha, Steve.

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