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Anybody here read hypertiger wisdoms blog? Any thoughts on it?


My own view is that he/she speaks complete sense but in terms so apocalyptic it makes me want to just end it now. In any case, I suspect many here would enjoy reading it, and for those that already have I'd love to know your thoughts.

Here's an excerpt for the uninitiated:

Only the idiots below the top think there is going to be some sort of return to 2006...

since the system is powered by taking more than it gives...or chopping
down trees faster than they regrow...the implosion is inevitable...all
that has been done for centuries is postponement of the inevitable.

top/owners/employers or pure absolute capitalists at the pinnacle of
power maintain their position at the top of the hierarchy by giving the
bottom what the bottom wants.

This take more than you give
inevitably doomed to implode system is what the bottom wants...If the
top were to attempt to give the bottom what it didn't want the bottom
would revolt until the bottom was given what they wanted.

of course the system reaches maximum potential inflation greater than
previous inflation and the bottom can no longer supply the top with
what the top needs to supply the bottom...

When the top is forced to give the bottom what it doesn't want...That's where the parliamentary administration comes in...

subjects of every state (Bottom) ought to contribute towards the
support of the government (Top), as nearly as possible in proportion to
the revenue which they respectively enjoy under the protection of the
--Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations 1776

Governments of
the absolute capitalistic hierarchial food powered make work enterprise
are administration systems of the enterprise constructed and sustained
by the bottom or employees at the demand of the top or owners of the
absolute capitalistic hierarchial food powered make work enterprise

The bottom is hired to construct or deconstruct Governments depending upon what the bottom wants.

Currently the bottom wants a solution...so the top is supplying the bottom with a blizzard of lies...

Because the solution or logical conclusion to the take more than you give or compounding interest equation is...implosion.

It's inevitable.

The top know this...The bottom is not taught about this.

a student exposes the social engineers to truth behind their lies they
inculcate to the indifferent...the social engineers inform the student
that their job or function as student is to be engineered by the
engineers or they will be escorted out of the social engineering
institution...force will be increased in porportion to the resistance
until the student performs their job or function as they are supposed
to according to the accepted rules of the game of absolute capitalism.

The top don't want it to be worse...the bottom do.

top just gives the bottom what the bottom wants so the top can maintain
their position at the top of the global absolute capitalist hierarchy.

I have always said that hyperinflation is possible...I said that hyperinflation is not on the way.

The whole system is currently contracting just as I basically said it was going to...




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Re: hypertiger

Yeah I have been reading hyper for a while.  I believe is is a woman from Texas, Cheryl Lynn Rose.  I agree she is very apocalyptic, but intriguing nonetheless. 

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