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Over one million people are registered.

What if there were a better way to choose our president? Americans Elect is harnessing the power of the Internet to ask every single voter one simple question: who would you nominate in 2012?

  • You choose the issues.
  • You choose the candidates.
  • You nominate the ticket.
  • And the winner will be on the 2012 ballot in every state.

How should voting work in the 21st century? We’re combining our oldest values with our newest technologies to modernize the way we nominate our leaders. Everyone is invited. Every vote counts the same. And there’s greater choice for all. Won’t we all vote this way someday?

Go here to be a part of it.

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I like it!

Thanks for sharing this. I joined and started filling out my preferences. I am dissapointed by the wording of some of the questions and lack of options, but overall I love the idea of it, and with nearly 2 million users and the site is still in beta, I am hopeful this will catch on and really make a difference.

People talk about the internet having the potential to be the most powerful tool of democracy; I think this could be a big part of that.

Naturally, I assume the concept will be expanded to other political offices besides just the president.

I would love it if the site would allow us to write in our own answers to some of the questions, then post some commonly written-in answers along with the original selections for people to choose between.

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