How you know when you have inflation.

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How you know when you have inflation.

Today I got my bill for Electric and Water from the city. As part of the description of the services provided they itemized how much electricity and how much water was used for this billing period along with the amount of each used for the corresponding period last year.

I have been doing my bit to conserve so I checked to see how much of each I had saved from last year to this year. It turns out that I used 13.6% less electricity and 23.8% less water this year versus last year. Out of curriosity I checked my bill from last year and it turns out that this years bill only decreased by $14.35 (out of $297.24). that is a whopping 4.8%.

So I use a lot less resources and only save a little. That sounds like inflation to me.Money mouth

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Re: How you know when you have inflation.


A year and a half ago milk was $1.80 a gallon now it's $4.00. Orange juice is $4.00 - $6.00 a gallon and oil is back up into 70 something a barrel.

Its strange how this is downplayed or ignored.

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Re: How you know when you have inflation.

An article on FSN pegged it:

The Reality Sector


On a final note, one other Sector deserves attention. We intentionally reiterate for our regular readers the importance of getting Real Numbers as opposed to the gimmicked Official ones. Real Statistics are available via Deepcaster, the Gold Anti-trust action committee and the Sterling Information provided by (which calculates them the old-fashioned way they were calculated before the political gimmicking began in earnest in the 1980’s and 1990’s). Here according to are the latest Real Numbers, which are essential to making wise investment and trading decisions.


Official Numbers vs. Real Numbers


Annual Consumer Price Inflation reported November 18, 2009

-0.18% 7.13% (annualized November Rate)


U.S. Unemployment reported December 4, 2009

10% 21.8%


U.S. GDP Annual Growth/Decline reported November 24, 2009

-2.51% -5.71%


Conclusion: Armed with these aforementioned vehicles, one has an enhanced opportunity to protect and profit as we suffer the intensifying storm.

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Re: How you know when you have inflation.

My property taxes tripled this year, but I moved into a rural area a couple of years ago, so even tripled property taxes are payable by this unemployed dude...for now.

Another thing about the price of crude...this is the time of year that demand is weaker than in the summer. $75 a barrel now is likely to increase next driving season, if anyone still has a job to go to.

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Re: How you know when you have inflation.

Yeah inflation is really running 7 percent or so if you compare apples to apples from year to year.  Sorry all you seniors on no cost of living social security raise this year thanks fo inflation number manipulation.


I wish i had the extra coin to spare for a shadow stats subscription, thanks Davos.

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The deodorant index

Less than a year ago, I bought a stick type deodorant for $1.77 (which I still have it since it's in my travel bag).  Less than 6 months ago, I bought another which cost $2.07 (which I still have since it's at work).  Yesterday, I bought another for $2.36.  All were purchased at the same store.  Doing the math, it's a 33.33% increase in one year.  Looking into a little more, I've seen similar increases in things such as toothpaste and dental floss.   

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Re: How you know when you have inflation.

In Germany in the last times I have seen often in the supermarket, that from a few products prices go with big advertisement down in a kind, that sometimes I don't feel appropriate (for example: 1 kg flour from -,49 € to now -,29 €, from that no farmer can exist...) and from other products they got quietly up & up & up (butter - f.e. Oeko-Butter from -,99 to now 1,65 € for 250 gr.) and from some other products they choose to sell less weight with the same price. I have only noticed it, because I have a nice old box for crispbread, which is now filled only to 2/3 with the new crispbread...

Our Consumer-Centrale (very good one!) listet last week more than 100 items, mostly from international companys (Mars, Reckitt Benkiser, Unilever, Kraft Foods etc.), which had less inside and cost the same price, that means from 5 to 100 % increase in price!!! If you are interested in examples with picture, here a link to a popular "yellow press" Embarassednewspaper from germany, the "BILD Zeitung":


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