How to Relocate to a Resilient Community?

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How to Relocate to a Resilient Community?


When it comes to relocation Chris has emphasized a strong resilient community to live in. How can I find a place that has a resilient community? Are their any methods of identification on the internet or does on just have to guess and check? 

My family and I live in Chicago. Are there any resilient semi-rural communities or broad regions that we could look towards in the relative proximity? 


Thanks and I appreciate any helpful responses. Cheers.

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Matt- Midwest Permaculture


Midwest Permaculture is located in Stelle, Illinois. That's in the Kankakee region.  Their web site is linked below.  In addition to teaching about permaculture, they may be a source of contacts/network to get you introduced to others who are interested in self-sufficiency and resilient communities.

Good Luck!


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Well, I haven't recently

Well, I haven't recently read what Chris calls out as elements of a resilient community, but I guess you'd have to identify what you consider as important elements of resilience and then look for those.  Nothing's going to be perfect, of course.  I don't think there are any happy shiny pre-made communities you can just plug into, probably.

I think our area (central Maryland) has a lot going for it--agrarian area out of the usual area of any natural disasters, mild weather, fairly low population density, most people outside of a few small to midsized towns are on well and septic, neither notably poor nor notably affluent, a surprising number of small farmers, farm stands, orchards, diverse livestock.  Real estate prices aren't great, but especially, I hear, if you're just over the border into Pennsylvania (a poorer, more blue-collar state), they're not bad for being within day-trip range of DC and Baltimore.

I begin to think that the thing for people to do is partner up with others who are like-minded and see if two families can't create a more effective nucleus for change than one alone.  Unfortunately, the way things are, this probably means finding people online and at least one side of the conversation being willing to give up what they know and take a chance to move.

I don't really have the answer...just some thoughts.

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