How is this related to Europe?

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How is this related to Europe?

Chris, as a European inhabitant I am learning a lot about the US economy from your crash course. Since it affects our European economy, I must say THANK YOU!
But I am really curious if the same manipulation is going on in Europe... And how to make sure I am not personally sucked into a big black hole of recession.
What do you think is the best way to organize my financial life so that all these things don;t affect me (as much as they could)? I am already saving money (which will devaluate...), only have a mortage and no other debts and don't spend all my money on things I don;t need (like an even bigger television or car). But I am in the IT industry, which is IMHO not a really stable industry come a recession...
Can you provide me/us with some tips to counter the effects of the things to come?

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