How to invest in dollar denominated debt?

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How to invest in dollar denominated debt?

I just read the crash course. My God, I nearly wet myself! I mailed several people to point them at the course. My sister just laughed when I sent her an email telling her to look through this.

Anyway, I believe that the US dollar is going to tank and perhaps disappear as a currency. I have many friends from the US and am sorry to say this.

But I have to eat - so how do I invest in companies that carry US dollar denominated debt? For example, non-US companies that borrow US dollars to grow their companies outside the US. Since I believe the dollar will drop/die I believe that these loans will effectively turn out to be cheap or free. I wouldn't want an organisation that relied on the US as a market. Since I believe that the US market will suffer following the death of the dollar.

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