How hard is it to convert your car to natural gas?

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How hard is it to convert your car to natural gas?



I was just reading that the price of a GGE of natural gas (the amount of natural gas equal to a gallon of gas) is currently 99 cents.  Those of us with natural gas water heaters could easily divert the natural gas to our cars -- I think.

Have any of you wise men/women on these forums investestigated this?  Would this be possible?  Am I overlooking tax issues on home use vs vehical usage?

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re: How hard is it to convert your car to natural gas?


To fill up at home, you'll have to install a Home Refueling Appliance (HRA)  that compresses the natural gas to the 3000 or 3600 PSI required for the car. It's a few thousands  $ device but there is a Federal tax credit ($1,000 I think)  that can help to reduce the bill.

This link provides most of the answers to your questions:

I own a Civix GX but I don't have the HRA so I use the local SDG&E stations to refill at ~$1.9 per gallon. 

Hope this help.



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Propane Conversion

To me this is the way to go. Install a 1000 pound (or two) propane tank on your property, and fill up as you need it. You need an engine with a carb though, probably pre-1987.

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  Thanks SailAway and


Thanks SailAway and Radishcake. 

I wonder if the reason that it is 1.90 a gallon at SDG&E is road taxes of 90 cents.  If so it would help pay for the home refueling appliance.


Thanks for the link


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Great Idea

I think its a good idea to convert your car to natural gas..but the only hurdle is it's gonna burn a hole in your pocket.Installation of a Home Refueling Appliance (HRA) is the best option but its gonna cost quite a bit.But as someone mentioned earlier there is a Federal tax credit which can save you a few bucks though.

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Changing the Car Type

Converting the car fuel form from petrol to natural gas is very difficult. But now a day people prefers to have gas car rather than the petrol car because of the hike in price. As well as it creating more pollution than the gas car. But while changing the form you have to think for different factors like car engine which you need to convert to familiar with the gas rather than oil. In the mean time the gear oil everything you need to change. From a research it is found that if the person or mechanic who is not professional in this work and doing it means it would be a problem for you. So I would like to suggest you better to go for the Best BMW Mechanic North Hollywood who can do it properly that might not create any problem for you in future.

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Conversion of petrol engine to natural gas engine of car

It is really a tough work to convert petrol engine to gas engine on the case of  branded cars like BMW. Because now a days the price hike of petrol is a bad headache of normal people,so only in the case of branded car people are preferring to have gas engine rather petrol or diesel engine.we can also say that it will help you to save gas pollution. At the time of changing there is the main work to change the oil engine to gas engine means to make the engine accommodate to gas rather than oil.So in this case if the person is not experienced about changing oil engine to gas engine then it will lead to problem . so for a better servicing and maintenance of your car you should choose a proper service Centre. Therefore anyone can go for a real servicing center for BMW servicing and maintenance center.

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Car On Gas

Car on gas is the latest tool for the new generation of cars. The natural gas is very rare & there is scarcity of natural gas. Car on gas means to run a car engine by gas not by petrol or diesel. Now a days there are no. of cars in the big cities. There are so much consumption of fuel & also air pollution. On the other hand natural gas don't exhaust polluted air. So it is better to use gas instead of other fuel. There is a smooth sound when car is on gas.

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Financing your next or first Ferrari

I was just account that the bulk of a GGE of accustomed gas (the bulk of accustomed gas according to a gallon of gas) is currently 99 cents. Those of us with accustomed gas baptize heaters could calmly alter the accustomed gas to our cars -- I think. car finance calculator UK

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