How to get Obama to heed online economic wisdom

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How to get Obama to heed online economic wisdom

There's a discussion going on over at the Life After The Oil Crash forums about how to get Obama to heed online economic advice, hope some of you guys can come over and join in:


Now if we were still under the current administration I think it'd be
safe to say there wasn't any hope, but starting with his campaign it
seems obvious that on some level Obama understands the power of the
internet, and of a grassroots online following.  And it's clear from
his literary and rhetorical prowess that Obama is perceptive and
intelligent - he's not ignoring online resources because he's just plum

I don't know what the best approach is, but I'm sure there are
realistic actionable ways to get Obama to open up to all of the
rational progressive advice that's here in the intertubes - how can we
do it?,40839.0.html

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Re: How to get Obama to heed online economic wisdom

i would hope that the discussion would stay over at life after the crash

as most people here at this site are aware that obama is doing just what he  has been hired to do. it has nothing to do with any kind of economic wisdom.  unless that economic wisdom entails continuing the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world.


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Re: How to get Obama to heed online economic wisdom

Ever watch a movie where a couple of innocent people unknowingly walk toward a dangerous situation....whether it's in the dark woods or haunted house?  

And the audience is frantically thinking "no, no, stop! Turn around and should know's not safe there!"

Well, this is the same's pretty much what the script calls for.


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Re: How to get Obama to heed online economic wisdom

Buy him some Q-Tips?

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Re: How to get Obama to heed online economic wisdom

good luck getting him (or any high level government official) to listen to anything logical. I have always said, if it makes sense, the government won't do it. 

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Re: How to get Obama to heed online economic wisdom

I think it is really too late for any one person to do anything about this mess and that it has been for a few years - the inertia of our downfall now carries us on into the deepest doodoo this nation has ever known.  It seems unlikely to me that Obama doesn't know what is going on given his rabid intellect and inquisitiveness and years on the street (the most important part, imho).  But I think it possible that he is a realist and would like to stay alive and realizes the limitations of one person in an arena of well entrenched lions, even if he is supposedly the most powerful politician in the western hemisphere (which he really is not if you think about it).  The mark of a true political genius is to me someone who can take the worst scenerio possible  and turn it into something at least tolerable for the masses in their unknown future, however bleak that future may be.    And I think he does have that capacity.

It is our congress that probably needs to be your goal for enlightenment (although they too probably already know) and I really don't think they will be doing anything as far as concrete actions go (most of them seem really limited in many ways - more like beauty queens answering questions at a beauty pageant).  The cry of "we weren't told about...." (fill in the blanks - Patriot Act, Tarp, etc) is what is really facilitating the demise of the US. Hello?  You voted for something your staff never read??

But in the s that is now htf, who would we really like to see in a leadership position in the US?  It's going to happen, isn't it?  It seems more logical at this point to prepare for that eventuality and look to who our leaders will be at that time than try to move a dead whale on the beach.  

Personally, I'm looking around looking for local leadership and sure as hell wish Obama was on the gulf coast.



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