House Approves Republican Plan to Cut the Deficit

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House Approves Republican Plan to Cut the Deficit


With four days left before the US hits its debt limit, the House approved the Boehner debt-limit plan with more than the 216 votes necessary. It now goes to the Senate, wherei t is expected to be defeated.

The revised Republican plan includes tougher requirements on Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution and send it to the states for ratification, a long-time core demand of conservative Republicans who say it is the only way to control spending.

If the bill is rejected by the Democratic-led Seante, efforts would shift to a compromise plan.

For Boehner, that could mean drafting a deal that can win enough votes from Democrats in the House to offset the inevitable loss of support from Tea Party-affiliated Republicans.

President Obama told lawmakers to stop wasting time and find a way "out of this mess." The president called the Republican bill to raise the debt ceiling [cnbc explains] a waste of time but said the parties were not that far apart on spending cuts and they needed to strike a deal soon.

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it is a sad story...

It is a sad story.  They are not cutting jack.


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