As the holiday approaches I send thanks

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As the holiday approaches I send thanks

To Krogoth: Thanks for feeding me your side of truth with wit, sarcasm, and insight.  I wish you a fulfilling and joyous Thanksgiving.

To joe2baba: Thanks for your complex blend of spiritual and carnal knowledge-- you call it as it is and bless us in the process.  Nice job Mr. Balance-- I wish you a Thanksgiving table of homegrown veggies with friends all around and Neil Young playing on the turntable.

To switters: I have friends in the Bay area and everytime I read one of your posts its like speaking with them.  You share a strength of conviction and clarity that makes me appreciate those who study naturopathic medicine.  Thank you.  To you I send the best wishes for a lovely holiday.

To Damnthematrix: Man, if the folks that read this site take you at your word, you are living a true example of FREEDOM.  Keep yelling at us in your genuine style, we just might get it.  Thank you.

To davos, rlee, hewittr, steve, and all the regulars and irregulars-- and those who read in quiet:  each one of you add so much food for thought through posts or subscription.  Thank you for your generosity.  It is good and comforting to know WE are in this together.

To the volunteers and staff at  THANKS.  Your assistance and dedication is appreciated by those of us on the daily receiving end.  I send to you a hearty cyberbasket of joy and peace this holiday.

To the Martenson Family and Dr. Martenson:  Thank you.  Finding this site has literally changed my life, my family, and my community.  From my family to yours we send you the best this holiday has to offer--togetherness, joy, and love.

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Re: As the holiday approaches I send thanks

hey girl

back at ya 

what a beautiful post 

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Re: As the holiday approaches I send thanks

I was posting for years to a gang of clueless hardheads on That's why i switched. I appreciate knowing I'm not posting in vain. What a refreshing difference.

Though I differ with many, there is a general consensus here that we should take charge of our lives rather than trust to fate. The range of opinons offers a menu of choices for everybody.

Come Thanksgiving, I'll be at my daughter's house with the rest of the family. That is what gives life its special meaning.


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OK I am envious of you all

OK I am envious of you all-

As I sit here in lovely Taiwan, thinking about Thanksgiving (one of my favorite holidays) and delicious Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberry, fresh Green beans and maybe a double header with some smoked ham, I am filled with envy. It seems the Taiwanese and Chinese have not mastered the fine art of smoking pork, turkey chicken or anything for that matter with wood.

Finding a Turkey here is like finding a polar bear in Florida. Turkey is way low on the list of Taiwanese cuisine, and can only be found in the various Subway's in hero form. You know, that cheap, pressed kind of Turkey?

More than likely it will be something like meat, rice and some various local vegetables. Maybe a whole chicken instead of the turkey, but even stuffing is hard to make here considering the bread is rice based and not wheat based, and just not the same.  

So ENJOY your holiday, you lucky people. Eat some for me, because at 6' 220lbs. I can down some Turkey.

On the subject, Thanks npeykani. It's actually the spirit of being with my family, my newborn daughter and my naughty almost 2 year old son, all healthy and happy to be thankful for, and the statement you made that shows we can be all together on this that makes me very open for a good future. We all have something to offer, right or wrong, fact or fiction, opinion or observation.

Besides I will have my revenge when the only major holiday comes to Taiwan, the Chinese new year. We will be having Giant Japanese Crab, very similar to Alaskan King Crab, Lamb, Oysters, Clams, Steak, Chinese Dumplings and a wide array of vegetables too long to list. Plus about 20 people at my house eating and drinking themselves into as close to cardiac failure as possible before the night is out.  

Have a great holiday everyone!






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Re: As the holiday approaches I send thanks


I rarely post but I just wanted to say....


Thank you for a beautiful, thoughtful and very touching wish.


I hope you have a wonderful holiday. 



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