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Historical Reading Material

Does anyone have suggestions for books on American economical history that are relevent to potential economic systems to develope post carbon / crash?  l've been wonding if colonial or 19th century histories would offer some clues regarding what may develope. 

Conversly, any other suggestions for current reading material.  I've been picking up a number of books, but am now finding that many of the books out there spend a great deal of time explaining the authors equivalents of the 3E's.  I get that I don't need to reread the same information.


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 I only have one

 I only have one recommendation:

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Richard Maybury books

 I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for ... the set, known as "Uncle Eric" books, is written for teens but as I understand it, is helping adults to understand just exactly what is going on. I think having clarity about what went wrong can help us develop a future system that avoids the same mistakes. His book "Clipper Ship Strategy" apparently is about dealing with what is right now ... i.e. figuring out a way to have income as things go downhill.

I just received my set recently and have not read these ... my info is secondhand, but from reliable sources.

~ s

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