Highly-Rated "Nationwide Bank" - No Bricks and Mortar

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Highly-Rated "Nationwide Bank" - No Bricks and Mortar

According to TheStreet.com, there is a bank in the Columbus, Ohio area that is very highly rated (A-).  The bank is affiliated with a large insurance company - however, it is a virtual bank with no bricks-and-mortar offices.  Transactions are handled via mail, internet, or phone - and cash can be obtained from a network of ATM machines serviced by other companies.  BankRate.com also gives them very high marks (4 stars).

Does anyone have any experience with this bank or have any insights on whether it would be a good idea to move some of one's assets to a very strong financial institution like this, but with no physical presence?


More info:

http://www.nationwide.com/internet-banking-online.jsp - Nationwide Bank home page



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Re: Highly-Rated "Nationwide Bank" - No Bricks and Mortar

check out Common Good Bank

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