Highest Paid Presidents / PM's around the World

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Highest Paid Presidents / PM's around the World

Highest Paid Presidents / PM's around the World

Monday, December 01, 2008


The Economic recession has hit one and all, salary cuts and pink slips have taken their toll on the common man. Presidents, Prime Ministers are no exception. Most of the heads have cut down on their salaries or are planning to do so in the near future. Lets take a look at what the heads of top nations are earning.


Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore
(Country GDP: $235.6 billion - 2008)

Politicians in Singapore are amongst the most highly paid government officials in the world. Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore earns five times more than the American President. Lee Hsien Loong takes an annual salary of $2.46 million.

Barack Obama, USA
(Country GDP: $13.81 trillion - 2007)

Second on the list is the President of the biggest economy of the world with a GDP of $13.81 trillion (2007). President Elect, Barack Obama will be getting an annual salary of $400,000 when he joins office next year.

Kevin Rudd, Australia
(Country GDP: $773 billion - 2007)

Third on the list is the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd with an annual salary of $330,300.

Angela Merkel, Germany
(Country GDP: $2.585 trillion - 2006)

The first lady chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel receives an annual salary of € 242,000 (€ 22000 bonus included) ~ $ 307,340.

Nicolas Sarkozy, France
(Country GDP: $1.871 trillion - 2006)

The French President, Nicolas Sarkozy gets an annual salary of € 240,000 ~ $ 304,800. This is after he doubled his salary earlier this year.

Stephen Harper, Canada
(Country GDP: $1.274 trillion - 2007)

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of the seventh largest economy of the world, Canada recieves an annual salary of $280,000.

Gordon Brown, UK
(Country GDP: $2.772 trillion - 2007)

Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of the second biggest economy in Europe and fifth largest in the world receives an annual salary of € 187611 ~ $238,266.

Vladimir Putin, Russia

(Country GDP: $2.076 trillion -2007)

The Russian Prime Minister recieve an annual salary of $81,190, which is significantly less than his counterparts.


The graph below shows a comparison between GDP and Salaries of heads of Top Nations.

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Re: Highest Paid Presidents / PM's around the World

but zo what about the fringe benefits? do they get healthcare, and childcare when they are at work?. do they have the key to the executive washroom? what about parking spaces? how about housing and servants? and uh corporate jets?  how about pensions? how about stock options? and of course do they get something like diplomatic immunity?

i am surprised zo that you didnt dig deeper. we all know by now that we just cant look at base pay, we have to look at the total package not to mention their own standing army as police force.

it's good to be king or at least a minister to the real king.


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Re: Highest Paid Presidents / PM's around the World

Really tough to get the specs on that info. It's usually hush hush, kinda like the cost to run Air Force One, etc. Considered National Security, and basically none of our business according to our government.




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Re: Highest Paid Presidents / PM's around the World

Brian Cowen, Ireland: EUR214,466 (285,107 USD) after a pay cut going into 2011


Fifth highest paid prime minister in the world. Not bad for a country with a GDP of 204bn USD!



Screw the benefits etc. It's the height of irresponsibility to let a politician determine his own wages. Every election should have a referendum attached asking the people to vote on a 5% increase or decrease in all government rep salaries. What the people says goes.

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