Hey, in case you didn't notice, the full transcript of the Crash Course is now available for each chapter!

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Hey, in case you didn't notice, the full transcript of the Crash Course is now available for each chapter!

I'm happy to announce that Chris recently made the written English transcripts available for each chapter.  We hope this will also be helpful to people who are hard of hearing.  If you want to read them, just go to the chapter you are interested in and and look below the video box. 

We expect to be able to offer translations of these transcripts in the coming months, so stay tuned.

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Re: Hey, in case you didn't notice, the full transcript of ...

Hi Amanda,

I think this a wonderful addition to the site, not only for those that are hard of hearing but, also for something that I'm trying to achieve here in Hungary. I'm English and a none speaker here. I'm finding a few Hungarians who speak English beautifully that would be of great benefit to the "Crash Course" if they could help in translating the course into this minority language. If that were possible, the 10 million people that live here would have more of a chance to become aware of what is happening globally, with the use of this excellent and easy to follow course. The Media here, (not unlike many around the world) appears to be very fickle with what is chosen as a priority subject and, this information is way too important to be left available to English speakers alone. I have noted that French, Spanish and German are soon to become available and, this is a positive step to getting the message out. How I relate this to your new thread is the use of Chris's Diologue as a means to translation.

Kind Regards,


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Re: Hey, in case you didn't notice, the full transcript of ...

What I was thinking would be cool would be to write down one key concept or conclusion to take from each chapter and get it all on one sheet in front of me; the transcipt will help a lot.

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Re: Hey, in case you didn't notice, the full transcript of ...

Amanda, that's wonderful! 

There is a large portion of the world's population which does not have access to DSL - like me at the moment :-), who cannot watch videos - it takes hours to load them and most loads are incomplete.  High speed has just been introduced to our area by a local company (yea!) but it is very expensive.  Also, I know people in dial up only areas who use their local libraries for email and web browsing, and they tell me that video watching is not allowed in most libraries. 

Had I found the CC while on dial up, I would not have had the time or the inclination to camp out in a friend's house to watch it the first time because I had not yet been educated in its importance.  So I think that the text version is "available" should be made a bigger deal. That the CC is available in both text and video versions could be mentioned whenever the CC is mentioned but especially on the front page in Chris' first post .  The first lines of the CC introductory page should state this clearly as soon as appropriate so that dial ups, library users and deaf people don't hit the back button.

Anyone who's on dial up avoids any graphic intensive site, but especially sites that focus on video.  (And man, do I miss You Tube!) The front page of the Washington Post took around 10 min to load the other day because of a video embedded in an ad.

BTW, I was finally reading about the Kindle.  Could Chris make CC available to Amazon as a free offer? This incredible machine  may not be around much longer the way things are going, but in the interim....


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