Hey, American Neighbours! Just so you don't feel alone, we've got GS issues ,too, eh!

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Hey, American Neighbours! Just so you don't feel alone, we've got GS issues ,too, eh!

 Unlike the Fed, the Bank of Canada is owned by the Government of Canada, and therefore, owned by the people. Canada can create its own money interest-free, yet it chooses not to and borrows money through the banking system at interest, ever-increasing our tax-payer (National) debt.

And who is the Governor of the Bank of Canada, who chooses to place us deeper and deeper in debt? Mr. Mark J. Carney former employee of Goldman Sachs.

And now the Province of Ontario is looking to sell Government owned assets like:Hydro One Inc., the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp., the Liquor Control Board of Ontario and Ontario Power Generation. Why? To pay down some of its debt.

All of these companies are cash-cows and have been owned by, 'we the people' since they were created.

If and when they are sold, we will pay our energy bills, and liquor and lottery expenses to private corporations, which will forever reap the benefits.

Guess who is the Government's current co-investment advisor? You guessed it! Goldman Sachs.

Oh, how the pieces of the puzzle fit together!


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