Help Wanted: hiring a Content Manager

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Adam Taggart
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Help Wanted: hiring a Content Manager

The team is looking to add another member to its staff. Specifically, we’re seeking a talented individual to help us manage, increase & improve the content here on the site. 

Essentially, this position will be responsible for the logistics of publishing new content to the site as well as working with us on content strategy and development. A detailed job description with requirements will be provided to interested applicants.

Do you know a QUALITY (can’t stress this enough) candidate who may have interest in this position? Possibly even you?

The kind of person we’re looking for must:

  • Understand and have a passion for the themes laid out in The Crash Course
  • Bring a hardworking, dedicated, dependable work-ethic
  • Have at least several years relevant experience working for an Internet-based business
  • Be a quality individual (i.e. someone you like/respect and would want working with you)

We have big plans underway for the site and will need this person on board to execute them well, so we’re looking to fill the role sooner vs later. But given the importance of the position, we’ll take whatever time is necessary to make sure we hire the right fit.

If you know of someone who would be excellent in this role, please have them send me an email and I’ll follow up with them directly with details on the job description & requirements.

Thanks for helping us make even more valuable for our readers!


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Good move


Content has improved a lot since you came aboard, but I can see how this could be a full time job.  Hiring another person sounds like a good move.


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Does the person need to be

Does the person need to be local, or can it be done from anywhere?

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Adam Taggart
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Virtual Organization

FreedomGardner -

This person can work from anywhere.

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Content Manager

Hi Folks, 

I am new to your site, but very interested in watching it grow and provide more value to people. I would be interested in learning more about your needs and how I might be able to help. 

Please send info on how to follow up with you on this particular job. 




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Good Luck on the Search

I agree with Travelin, Adam; content has improved greatly since your arrival.

I wish I had some experience running an internet business, as I'd drop my hat in the ring. Looking for a new gig after surgery...

Best wishes on your search!

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Adam Taggart
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Thanks for the kind words,

Thanks for the kind words, Doc and Travlin. 

Doc: just know you'd be welcome here (but not sure you'd like the pay cut!)

Lisa: send me an email and I'll respond with the detailed job description.

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How To Triple Your Online Traffic In One Simple Step!


Have all fear, Captain Sheeple is here!

I know the team has been looking to acquire the Captain Sheeple News Network for some time now.

As an expert in Sheeple SEO (SSEO), the Captain has the copywriting mojo to make it rain at Google. (just checkout these organic rankings and notice the vertical search prowess that he so deftly employed to achieve this SERP's top ranking)

Known as the "Server-Nator" in webmaster circles, the Captain is famous for taking down any server at any time with just a well-crafted headline. 

Of course, if you bring the Captain on to your team, you run the risk of cannibalizing your branding with his enormous popularity, and then you would also have to listen to his anti-goldbug blathering around the water cooler. 

On second thought, maybe it's best  for you guys to find someone else to help with the traffic spike coming this fall.

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more podcasts please!

Hi Adam

A note for your new content manager, whenever you find him/her - I'd love to see (um, hear) more podcasts on the CM website.  Now that I'm a village homesteader scrambling to have a livable cabin by winter and a fenced garden by spring, sitting in front of the laptop just isn't on.  Podcasts are perfect.  I get to stay connected, keep learning and work too. 



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