Help needed to fund a local project.

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Help needed to fund a local project.

I just found out about a local project that needs funding.  

This project will only be funded if the total of $18k is pledged by Sunday April 17. If they don't meet their goal, they lose all funding. They are halfway there.

The little I know about this is we have several, local, organic, artisan bakeries that have gotten together with local grain growers, to set up a mill and put it all together to keep it local. I know and buy from three of the bakeries and recently attended a class by one of the growers at the Organic Grower's School

Take a look at the project here: Carolina Ground

If it fits your idea of a good way to spend your 3E cash, please do.


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Tycer, I live near

Tycer, I live near Charlotte.  Thanks for the info.

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