Healthcare: show me the money

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Healthcare: show me the money

If you look at the money that has flowed into Congress over the last year, and particular to people who were crafting this bill, you can see that the pay masters get what they want.

BILL MOYERS: So, has President Obama been fighting as hard as you wished?

MARCIA ANGELL: Fighting for the wrong things and too little, too late. He gave away the store at the very beginning by compromising. Not just compromising, but caving in to the commercial insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry. And then he stood back for months while the thing just fell apart. Now he's fighting, but he's fighting for something that shouldn't pass. Won't pass and shouldn't pass.

What this bill does is not only permit the commercial insurance industry to remain in place, but it actually expands and cements their position as the lynchpin of health care reform. And these companies they profit by denying health care, not providing health care. And they will be able to charge whatever they like. So if they're regulated in some way and it cuts into their profits, all they have to do is just raise their premiums. And they'll do that.

Not only does it keep them in place, but it pours about 500 billion dollars of public money into these companies over 10 years. And it mandates that people buy these companies' products for whatever they charge. Now that's a recipe for the growth in health care costs, not only to continue, but to skyrocket, to grow even faster.

BILL MOYERS: But given that, why have the insurance companies, health insurance companies been fighting reform so hard?

MARCIA ANGELL: Oh, they haven't fought it very hard, Bill. They really haven't fought it very hard. What they're fighting for is the individual mandate. And if they get that mandate, if everyone does have to buy their commercial products, then they're going to be extremely happy with it.

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Re: Healthcare: show me the money

Monopoly capitalism

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Re: Healthcare: show me the money

Too bad lobbyist aren't donating Toyotas. 

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Re: Healthcare: show me the money
Davos wrote:

Too bad lobbyist aren't donating Toyotas. 


To iliustrate how far astray this system has gone, during William McGuire's tenure as CEO of United Healthcare, his total compensation accounted for 1 out of every 700 healthcare dollars spent in this country.  These people make the robber barons of the Guilded Age look like slackers in comparison.  It'd be interesting to rally everyone who has ever been wronged by these individuals and have them protest in front of their homes 24/7.  When I'm in a position in a few years not to worry about being illegally arrested on some type of trumped up civil unrest charge, I personally hope to lead such a rally. 

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Re: Healthcare: show me the money

Ao exact;y how does one go about not having to worry about being arrested on some trumped up charge while leading a protest???  I'd love to start a few protests and could use a clue or two how to keep myself out of jail - esp now that you can be held indefinitely without being charged.

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Re: Healthcare: show me the money
DrKrbyLuv wrote:

Monopoly capitalism

No one seems to ever ask the question: How did we get here?  (cue: Talking Heads)

Instead everyone says more regulation, must save the poor children. Hooey!  The only way this will ever get solved is to remove the money from control and influence by politicians and back to the individual.  Everyone says the individual should have more control over their healthcare in everyway but the one that counts, fiscal control.  John Stossel did a good show on the issue:


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Re: Healthcare: show me the money

Side note..........Bill Moyers is a member of CFR

This is all a dog and pony show. When all is said and done more will get said than done 

What will get done is your wallet/purse will be lighter, your meds will cost more, and the quality of your healthcare will go down.

Take lots of supplements, eat healthy, exercise and pray to the government of your choice you do not get sick. Save some money for overseas healthcare.

A friend just had a hip resurfacing for $7300 USD in India. Flight $2000. Hotel $1200. total =$10.500. Insurance premiums for his family are $14,400 per year for a $5000 deductible 80% policy. Hip surgery in US $45,000. Deductible $5000 co pay $8000 total $13,000 with insurance ($14,400) He went to India because the hip had degenerated due to arthritis which was not covered under his policy. He would have saved $2500 even if the insurance paid . Is this a great country or what?


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