Have you read the stimulus bill, comrade?

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Have you read the stimulus bill, comrade?

Bloomberg quotes Rep. Tom Price of Georgia as saying that '“It is over a thousand pages. It is physically impossible for
any member to have read this bill.”


my. Where have we heard of such cases before? Let's see ... oh yeah,
there was Frank Roosevelt's 'gold grab' economic emergency legislation,
passed in 1933 with almost no one having read it. And then there was
the so-called 'Patriot Act' of Oct. 2001, another lengthy magnum opus passed with no one knowing what was in it.

a nasty little ritual which follows in the wake of such legislative
abortions, in which news leaks out about all the 'surprises' found
tucked away in obscure corners of the bill. We may learn that a
comprehensive medical database has been created, in which your doctor
will be forced to enter your health records. (This was present in an
earlier draft of the bill.) Doubtless ridiculous examples will turn up
as well -- oh no, we're giving ten billion to the zucchini industry! Oh no, ketchup is now a controlled substance! And so forth.

But something bothers me even more than thousand-page bills which nobody read. It is this, again from Bloomberg:

The measure will reach the president’s desk “no earlier than
Monday” because of paperwork that still needs to be done, said
White House spokesman Robert Gibbs.

A conference report, in which differences between the original House
and Senate bills have been reconciled, is supposed to be a complete
document. No 'paperwork' is needed.

Gibbs' remark makes me believe that the serious bill-writing is taking place this weekend ... after
'passage' of the bill. In other words, some of those thousand pages in
the tome sitting on Pelosi's desk were probably just 'placeholders' ...
something like Latin gibberish, to be replaced this weekend before
sending it to the president on Monday.

Yes, I'm saying flat out that I believe the U.S. legislative process is based on massive fraud. Pro forma
bills are passed by the rubber-stamp Congress. Insiders then edit them
after the fact to insert whatever provisions they want. This corrupt,
quasi-dictatorial process is given a democratic veneer by the Kabuki
show proceedings you can watch on C-SPAN. I'm waiting for the day when
some renegade KongressKlown rushes to Pelosi's desk, grabs the 'bill,'
opens it, and waves it in front the camera -- 'LOOK, EVERYONE! IT'S NOTHING BUT BLANK PAGES!'
-- as the Sergeant of Arms wrestles him to the floor and hauls him away
to a psychiatric hospital, never to be seen again. The poor man was
obviously deluded.



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Re: Have you read the stimulus bill, comrade?

I have downloaded a copy of the "reconciled bill" and will be"looking forward" to comparing it to what becomes the official document.

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Re: Have you read the stimulus bill, comrade?

From the Speaker's website:

Modernizing Health Care System to Lower Costs and Save Lives

  • Provides
    $19 billion to accelerate adoption of Health Information Technology
    (HIT) systems by doctors and hospitals, in order to modernize the
    health care system, save billions of dollars, reduce medical errors and
    improve quality.
  • Strengthens Federal privacy and security law to protect personally identifiable health information from misuse and abuse.
  • Creates hundreds of thousands of jobs – many in high-tech sectors – by promoting the adoption of HIT.
  • CBO estimates this will reduce health costs for the federal government by $12 billion over 10 years.

'HIT' -- what a perfect name for the destruction of medical privacy.
Insurance companies will use this information to deny and overprice
coverage, just as they already use the NASPER prescription database for
that purpose (as do law enforcement snoops, searching for 'doctor
shoppers' ).

'Strengthening privacy and security' will look something like the
credit reporting system or the TSA watch list, in which false
information can be reported with impunity, while you have little or no
ability to correct it, much less sue those responsible.

It is fundamentally an abuse of the legislative process to write
gigantic omnibus bills, full of nongermane new policy initiatives such
as HIT, and pass them on an emergency basis without adequate hearings,
debate and review. I repeat that this is a dishonest, fraudulent,
quasi-dictatorial form of governance.

Practically speaking, I will continue to monkeywrench the health
care system by providing false SSN, DOB and other identifying info, so
as to garble and corrupt their Big Brother database.

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Re: Have you read the stimulus bill, comrade?

Our fascist government has been operating this way for some time now in order to eliminate any discussion or descension.  Obama dances like a puppet on a string saying "we must pass this right away, hurry, before it's too late, we must do this as fast as possible" - hmmmm we have heard this all before, why don't people ever wake up?.

As long as we allow private banks to run our country - there will be no democracy or republic. And to be perfectly clear - this package is NOT a stimulus bill, it is part of a plan to blow up the US economy and it will most likely achieve its true intent.

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