Harry Markopolos. Interview With a Hero

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Harry Markopolos. Interview With a Hero

I normally don't post interviews as topics but this interview with Harry Markopolos is a must listen. Recall, he's the guy that blew the Madoff scandal wide open. 

It's more tantalizing than a James Bond movie and he provides insight into the mindset of Wall Street and the SEC. He also sheds light on the amount of disinformation and massive coverup that we experience in both government and the lame-stream media. 

A must listen. 


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Re: Harry Markopolos. Interview With a Hero

I read a related article in the NYT Sunday Mag.  I dug his pugnacity.  Homeboy is STILL p-o'd!

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Re: Harry Markopolos. Interview With a Hero

I downloaded his book "No One Would Listen" to my IPhone yesterday and have read most of it already.  I highly recommend it.  Good read and truly amazing how many people ignored his clear evidence that BM was running a Ponzi scheme.  The SEC and other market regulatory agencies are clearly NOT doing the job they are supposed to be doing and are both incompetent and owned by Wall Street.  Until we have more qualified, capable and honest people like Harry working for these agencies, Wall Street will continue to run amok...

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Re: Harry Markopolos. Interview With a Hero

Sorry Morpheus, didn't realize you had already posted this. Great stuff. Hope everyone takes time to listen. It's nice to see that the guy agrees with me- vote out all of them, Republican and Democrat alike! Jon

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