Happy Independence Day, America

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Happy Independence Day, America

Happy July 4th to the USA.  May the coming year provide us all with the means and opportunity to make our lives more like what we dream they could, and should, be -- whatever those dreams may be, 233 years later.

Viva!  -- Sager

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Re: Happy Independence Day, America

Happy 4th of July to you too.

May the coming year truly be our year of independence.

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Re: Happy Independence Day, America

Greetings from one of the many naturalized citizens of these United States.

We, sometimes more so than natural born Americans, truly appreciate the opportunity to live in a country where we are told that we can speak and write freely (within reasonable bounds) without fear of retribution - which is what I am know doing.

Unfortunately, as I've posted elsewhere in these forums, there have been blatant cases of otherwise innocent Americans who have been attacked without warning by agents of this government - both in the past and in the present. Our Constitution and The Bill of Rights have been seriously wounded in recent years.

On this day, when we gather to celebrate freedom, I hope all of you take care to ensure your freedom is preserved for your children and grandchildren. If we do not fight for it (via ballot box, letter writing, phone calls, or non-violent street protests if all else fails), we may someday wake up and find we have no freedoms at all.

Please use this day to reflect on what was, and what you have lost to date, and promise yourself that we, as a free people, shall regain the freedom from fear and the right to protest what many see as unjust impositions of an ever more over-bearing government.

May future Independence Days find us better off than we are today.

Happy Birthday, America.

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