Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!

I am going to a Halloween party tonight that has a scariest costume contest, I've mulled over a few outfit choices, maybe you can help me decide.

I will dress as?:

1. Peak Oil - Half of me is in decline, I've got suburbia hanging onto my leg, pulling me down.

2. Overpopulation - very very sceery!

3. Naked short selling - I don't think I have to explain this one.


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Re: Happy Halloween!


Peak Oil, Over population are worries, BUT "THESE PRETZELS ARE MAKING ME THIRSTY"

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Re: Happy Halloween!

Go as Bernanke.....the adults will scream at least.

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Re: Happy Halloween!

Don't show up as an investment banker, they might hang you like they did to the witches. Laughing

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Re: Happy Halloween!

Go as Geithner (you get to wear a funny wig!).  The adults will scream at him, too...

Viva -- Sager

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Re: Happy Halloween!

Thanks for the great ideas guys,

I went as Hank Paulson but everyone kept calling me 'Frankenstein'.

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Halloween observations...?

Love the costume party ideas, Steve!! 

Ok, so I don't know about anyone else, but here are some observations about Halloween night in small town America this year;

- I was late buying candy for trick-or-treaters this year; I went out at lunchtime today to buy some.  Now "normally', that has meant going from store to bare-shelved store as you picked through what little was left, getting stuck with the worst candy you could imagine.  None of the "good' (favorite) candies would be left.  This year: shleved BRIMMING with the favorite candies on  Halloween day!

- We normally don't get a ton of trick-or-treaters, but we get a steady slow stream.  And there are even more going through the neighborhood (we're a little off the beten trail).  This year: very few kids!  We got one big group early on.  Then are next door neighbors later on.  That was IT!!

In summary: This was one of the creepiest Halloweens i have experienced, but for the reasons above, not the 'cuz of the Zombies my son is infatuated with!

Anyone else have any observations of this year vs past years?

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trick or treat





 and let's not forget the cheesemakers... and all purveyors of dairy produce.




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Halloween observation

pinecarr, we're not small town (San Diego) but ditto for us ... far fewer kids walking around than before. And though I wasn't buying, I did notice a lot of candy available 2 days ago and remember thinking there had been more of a shortage last year.

So ... I can understand the candy deal - more of us trying to make do with less candy when money is tight due to unemployment and underemployment. But what would keep the kids home instead of trick-or-treating?

~ s

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Small number of trick or treaters

 I noticed the same thing about the number of kids out last night.

We live far off the beaten path so we're one of those families people complain about we go to the development nearby to go trick or treating.  We always meet up with the kids friends so we're not toal interlopers but....

But, this development is very affluent and I enjoyed being able to slowly look to see how many houses were actually empty.  

But there were by far fewer trick or treaters than usual.  But, I attributed it to it being Monday rather than anything mroe sisnister.  Our own kids were angry that we cut it short this year which impacted their overall haul!

Bad storms here kept people in over the weekend and Monday kept people in last night!

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Obvious reasons

There were obvious reasons here in the Carolina Midlands. There were less trick or treaters because they all went to Halloween-themed events and parties all weekend. We had Trick or Treat at the Mall, haunted houses, "Trunk or Treat' in ten local church parking lots that I know of (with all sorts of activities from bobbing for apples to dunk tanks), and the State Fair was over on the 29th.

The parents always accompany the kids on these things, except for the teens, and I truly believe that this year, after the weekend of activities, the parents were burned out by Halloween night. In our case, at least, I think of this as a positive: these were community events.

That being said, the retailers overstocked on candy for two reasons. Reason number one is that people are eatling more healthy food nowadays. Why else would General Mills make a 100% whole grain pledge on their packages, Campbell's make soups with sea salt and 1/3 less sodium, and whole wheat saltines sell out first?  Reason number two is the economy. Costumes, fancy candy, decorations or the time to stand by the door might be tight for someone who has been laid off or just lost their extended unemployment benefits, is working two part-time jobs, or lost their house. Plus how many homes in your neighborhood are empty from people being foreclosed on, mailing back in their keys to their underwater mortgages, or cutting expenses by moving in with relaitives and doubling up? We have a home on our right that was rented to a guy who just moved because he got a new job in NC, so it's vacant, and on our left our neighbors seem to have lost ther home and moved out: a moving van was there this week, he took down the shed he was building, the dogs are no longer in the yard and power is off - not even their light on the doorbell is lit.We made very sure to have a well-lit, clear path to our door with the door cracked open and the shades up so they knew we were home. We got ten trick-or-treaters when this location used to garner about 30 kids in costume.

So it's the day after Halloween. Let's all go stock up on marked-down candy to add to our pantries. Look for things that will keep for your long-term storage, too, like hard candies and lollipops. Just because it has a ghost on the package does not mean it's not something someone might want later.

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