Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Earth Day!

Amidst all the chaos and planning for financial crisis and other impending doom, please take a moment today to cherish the gifts Earth provides us and to contemplate what you can do to aid in Her continuing health :)

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Icelandic engineers making rocks to fight climate change

Speaking the Earth... Thought this was interesting.


IceNews - Daily News

Icelandic engineers making rocks to fight climate change

By Alex on Apr 20, 2009

Icelandic engineers are hoping to convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into solid rock as a means of tackling global warming, The Guardian reports.

If the project goes according to plan, Iceland’s volcanic rocks could eventually be used to soak up around 30,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Experiments suggest the CO2 will react with calcium in the basalt to form solid calcium carbonate when dissolved in water under high pressures and then pumped into layers of basalt about 400-700 metres underground.

The project will initially take CO2 produced by an Icelandic geothermal energy plant, “This is a well-known natural process,” said Holmfridur Sigurdardottir, project manager. “We are just trying to imitate what nature is doing.”

“In the lab it takes a few days to a few weeks. We want to see what happens in the field and whether we can do it on the scale required,” Sigurdardottir adds.

The trial is called Carb-fix, and is a new form of CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage). Most CCS efforts until now dissolve carbon dioxide into deep saltwater reservoirs, where high pressures keep it dissolved in the water long term. Carb-fix counters that their Mineral Storage option offers less chance of leakage and a safer alternative for the future.

Sigurdardottir told The Guardian that Carb-fix will begin pumping the dissolved carbon dioxide in August. Her team expects to be able to tell if the gas is solidifying into rock as hoped for within about a year.

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